Parenting Isn’t Easy

Let me just tell you. Not everything we pick up as children is right. Some things we go through as children, scars the soul. Many children do as they were taught. Parenting is a double edge blade.

When you don’t have what all the other kids have. There is a void and a silent resentment that grows like cancer. Alienated, do we become as young children? A whole lot of false teachings come in to play. When you’re left to deal with what all went wrong.

If a kid at school has a bad day, he leaves school with what went on to tell his support system. Namely, a mother or father. Kids that don’t have anyone to process their problems with tend to just stack it deep down inside the bottle. The cap to the bottle is easy to fill.

Depending on how long they’ve had those unwanted feelings and thoughts bottled up -is a gauge that will kinda tell you how long it will take to get right. Then, times that by five.

It’s easy holding all those unwanted thoughts and feelings in, but getting rid of them doesn’t have to take an explosion. When a child has no way to deal with what they’re going through or have gone through, their family’s pay the consequences and often times society pays as well. I was once one of those children.

Parenting isn’t easy. Sometimes, we don’t get it right. But we learn and become better. It’s also important that you don’t hold unwanted thoughts and feelings inside. If ever you need someone to talk to, I’m here.

Paul Kurko Boooks

When I sit down to write, I take what has affected me and put it all into words in an effort to inspire men and women from all walks of life. I had no clue that sharing my story would have the impact that it has. It’s a fact that writing can and will set you free from issues that have kept you held captive as a prisoner of self-doubt and mental torment.

I have a God found love for humanity. I want those suffering from one issue or another to know that they can break the chains that hold them down. If you need someone to talk to, I’m here for you.

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