Just a positive Note

Nothing Inspires me more than some one asking, have I published anything new. To find out. They had not gotten there hands on my 3rd book.

To see them light up over the fact there is more for them to read. Makes me feel like I have actually made a difference.

The guy that got his hands on The Chronicals Of Paul. Said that he was not from around these parts. Reading my books were verry interesting to him for that fact.

He said to me I enjoy the wrighting style you have. You never know the power of your story.

From some one who failed at wrighting essays in school. Pressured by dyslexia not to compleat a sentance with out a mistake.
Knowing every letter I sent home was scared by words scratched out an misspelled.

To the fact that I have actually written 3 books. Over come the odds of being a Statistic. Made it out of the mental prison I built for my self. Locked up in the real thing is what changed my out look on the future.

You can give your life to them they do not mind making you a number. To stop you have got to become tired of getting what you always have. Reach higher than your failures find your worth.

Free your self. Thanks to all who have supported my journey for the past five years. Stay inspired. Life happens once, live every day to the fullest.

Published by Paul W kurko Jr.

38 years old, and I've had a very wild life. "Most of my growing up years, were what created my exoskeleton"! Not that really have one of those, I'm just playing but let Me get back to the point. I've pretty much done everything that I wanted to do, and then some! For I was raised with no Mom and Dad guidance, and some sort of foster care. My resentments and My pain took Me straight to Prison. I have my life no other way, because of the things I've learned along the way. I got blessed to have a substantial amount of money. I wrote a book! My hope for this book. that it travels the World. Helping Inspire those that read it. Really to help people they will figure out that they can write their STORIES out and face their FEARS

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