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Get inspired. Kurko Inspires.

Kurko Inspires is the helping arm of Paul Kurko. The mission of Kurko Inspires is to give away 10,000 copies of Paul’s life-changing books to anyone impacted by incarceration and substance abuse around the US annually. Sometimes, all it takes is sharing our story.

Apparel and accessories inspried by Paul Kurko

Inspired by Paul Kurko, this collection of apparel encourages and lifts up both those who wear it and those who see it. Just like Paul, this collection was designed to inspire you.

What People Say

“Takes courage to write your life story down for all to see …definitely worth reading.”

Austin Ashe, Amazon Customer Review


Buy direct from me and save. I mark my books below retail to pass savings on to you for your support. Plus, enjoy free shipping anywhere here in the US. Begin your journey through the pages and chapters of my life’s story. Get inspired. Kurko Inspires.


Discover the life-changing lessons of Paul Kurko in his debut autobiography, “Issues.” This page turner will grab you. In it, Paul doesn’t hold back. You’ll want to share this book.


Loopholes is a journey through those times in my life when God showed up in a mighty big way; those circumstances where I should have lost my freedom, or maybe even lost my life.

The Chronicles of Paul

This is Paul’s most intimate literary memoir ever released. The Chronicles of Paul is a raw and emotional journey about the good and the bad in his life. His victories and his mistakes.

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