A safe place for members in this community to simply …let it all go.

When your heart is lost your soul is darkened. When your soul ceases to shine, you are in grave danger of some thing called evil. Evil only thrives where you let it. God has given us free will. With that said, you have two choices. One is let anger and resentment guide your future. The other is to let go …and let God.

So many people in today’s society don’t know how to let go of the hurtful anger or the resentment that is destroying them. I have found that writing eases the soul. Once you get what’s eating at you on the inside …out, you can see it and then make a choice. Do you want it to continue its control in your life day-to-day, or let it go?

To get started, simply use your My Digital Journal below. It is encrypted and I’ll never share your journal or personal information with anyone. My Digital Journal can help you to alleviate your anxiety, face fears, set goals, and feel more free. Writing your thoughts and feelings down is liberating. You can tell the pages what you won’t say to anyone else. You can do this! Misspelled words and all.

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