The Lies Of Others

Beatiful lies are in some cases better! Than the cold hard truth.
If the truth would mess up your life as you know it. Would you still wish to know?
If knowing the truth gave you a sense of deep deceptions with all you had been close to. Would you still want to know?
Would the truth stop your life as you know it. Truth does hurt. It can change things. The light in truth is real. Can not change the truth.

I was raised up with far from the truth told. I hated my Parents for not being there. I was lied to about my siblings. Listing to others thoughts and feeling of my mother.

My Grandmother hated my mom. I hated my mom because of what side I was on. Deep down inside I loved her.

In the resements I learned with the truth that came to be later on. Was to much for me at that age. I for sure vowed to get revenge. Knowing the Truth is a blessing and in some case it more convenient to belive a lie.

I found out the truth. Did not do well with it. The suffering I did was to my self. For the truth shall set you Free. Took many years to forgive the truth.
“Do not be a prisoner to the lies”!!!!

Published by Paul W kurko Jr.

38 years old, and I've had a very wild life. "Most of my growing up years, were what created my exoskeleton"! Not that really have one of those, I'm just playing but let Me get back to the point. I've pretty much done everything that I wanted to do, and then some! For I was raised with no Mom and Dad guidance, and some sort of foster care. My resentments and My pain took Me straight to Prison. I have my life no other way, because of the things I've learned along the way. I got blessed to have a substantial amount of money. I wrote a book! My hope for this book. that it travels the World. Helping Inspire those that read it. Really to help people they will figure out that they can write their STORIES out and face their FEARS

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