Questions In My Head

“Why? Why not?” I lived with so many questions while growing up, that trying to answer them all put me through the ringer. I was motivated by revenge because of the fact that I had been taken as a child. Or so I felt, and it was never corrected. “How was I supposed to deal with being taken from my mother?”

My feelings toward that are very strong. Still to this day. There was no psychologist or counselor going to get me to talk of my issues. I knew they would tell whatever I told, so I would not tell. I kept it all inside. Like a bottle rocket, with no hole to escape. But sure enough lit.

All I needed was contact with my mother. We snuck phone calls. She never once told me to act out for her. I did it all in spite. Look at how my life has been through the pages of my book Issues’ , and you will see where spite gets you. In it, you’ll read what my life was like being in the tornado of the justice system.

Are you facing problems in your life? Then connect with me. I want you to know that you are not alone. Who knows. Perhaps, we can be there for each other.

Published by Paul W kurko Jr.

38 years old, and I've had a very wild life. "Most of my growing up years, were what created my exoskeleton"! Not that really have one of those, I'm just playing but let Me get back to the point. I've pretty much done everything that I wanted to do, and then some! For I was raised with no Mom and Dad guidance, and some sort of foster care. My resentments and My pain took Me straight to Prison. I have my life no other way, because of the things I've learned along the way. I got blessed to have a substantial amount of money. I wrote a book! My hope for this book. that it travels the World. Helping Inspire those that read it. Really to help people they will figure out that they can write their STORIES out and face their FEARS

One thought on “Questions In My Head

  1. Paul, this is Frank. You put that belt on my white pickup for much less than what others were asking. Thank you… I’ve read the material on your site and I’m thankful you are alive today and breathing God’s fresh air each new day. Maybe I can get the books next time I see you. In the past I have reached out to prisoners through penpal and visited one guy at the jail. I know there are outreaches to prisoners to help them find forgiveness for their crimes and peace with God through an encounter with Jesus Christ. I’m wondering if that is what happened to you? I know being born again is a real life changing experience, and many prisoners can testify about it. Anyway, I’ll see you again, and will be praying for you. Frank

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